Brian Love

Brian Love has been building web applications for over 20 years and has long been a fanboy of JavaScript. He is focused on using the latest technologies with proven coding methodologies to create sophisticated and elegant software. He strongly believes the internet will always serve as a medium of communication, interaction and learning. Creating internet applications that enhance these goals with the adaptability for any device will succeed through providing value for businesses, organizations, and people.

Introducing NgRx Auto Entity

Learn how to get the CRUD (and boilerplate) out of your NgRx actions, effects and reducers using NgRx Auto Entity. Modeled after the NgRx entity library for storing collections of entities in application state, this library provides a convenient solution with less code, full extensibility and control. It’s just NgRx with a little sugar on top. It’s not magic, it’s just automatic actions, selectors and state built around entities for performing CRUD operations.