Paul D. Sheriff

Paul D. Sheriff is a Business Solutions Architect with Fairway Technologies, Inc. Fairway develops custom business applications specializing in web and mobile technologies. Since 2002 Fairway has successfully delivered advanced custom application software to a wide range of customers and diverse industries. With a team of dedicated experts, Fairway delivers cost-effective¬†solutions, on-time and on-budget using innovative tools and processes to better manage today’s complex and competitive environment.


Securing Your Angular Application

Most business applications require a user to log in before they can use an application. In addition, menus and pages should only be available to certain users. This seminar shows you step-by-step how to secure menus using a security service and lock routes using an Angular Guard. You build an ASP.NET Core Web API and retrieve security data for a user. JSON Web Tokens are a simple and effective method of securing your Web API methods. You learn to integrate this tool into your Core Web API project and secure your methods. Learning Objectives:
  • Authenticate a user
  • Authorize users for different parts of the application
  • Secure routes with Guards
  • Get security data from SQL Server via ASP.NET Core Web API
  • Use JSON Web Tokens to secure Web API methods