Alyssa Nicoll

I’m an Angular Developer Advocate & GDE. My two degrees (Web Design & Development and Psychology) feed my speaking career. I’ve spoken at over 20 conferences Internationally, specializing in motivational soft talks. I’m a weekly panelist on Adventures in Angular and Angular Air, which have a combined following of over 16,000 listeners. I enjoy gaming, scuba diving, and have a furry weiner dog named Beef. My DM is always open, come talk sometime.

Animations in an Angular World

If we aren't doing it for the users, who are we doing it for? How often have you used something — or even more painfully, witnessed someone using something — that was poorly designed? Perhaps the creators did not fully think through their product. Perhaps they were lazy. Whatever the case, in the end, the user is the one who suffers. As we go about building killer Angular apps to take over the world, it is vital that we keep in mind our users and their end needs. In this show, Alyssa will dive into the psyche of the user, the vitality of giving feedback, and how to use Animations in Angular to provide that feedback and create a seamless flow between user and technology.