Austin McDaniel

Austin McDaniel is a web and JavaScript expert with over a decade of experience. He is passionate about creating innovative software and sharing what he has learned with others. As a member of the Angular team, Austin works on the Angular Material project. He’s also the author of several popular open source libraries such as ngxs, ngx-datatable and ngx-charts. Currently, Austin consults for businesses to help their development teams harness the power of Angular and open source.

Building Component Libraries using the Angular CDK

Components libraries and frameworks like Bootstrap and Material are great ways to get your project off the ground quickly but using them can make your application look like the thousands of others using them. Sometimes you want to break out from the norm and build something unique branded for your company, when using these pre-built solutions, it can be difficult to bend them to your will so you end up creating your own component library. I’ll walk through what you need to think about before taking this on, the things often overlooked and how to build high-quality components using low-level frameworks like the Angular CDK.