Real World ngUpgrade

You know you should migrate your application from AngularJS to Angular, but you’re overwhelmed. You watch ng-conf talks about shiny new features like reactive forms and you think, “Ugh, we really should upgrade.” You pull up a few articles and you’re instantly crushed by confusion. Webpack? TypeScript? AOT? What the heck is all of this? Maybe you get past your confusion and work up the courage to start, but, without fail, your product owner tells you about a new feature that needs to be developed yesterday. There’s just no time to work on technical debt! Before you know it, you’ve written another feature in AngularJS – another feature that you’ll need to upgrade someday. Your dream to upgrade becomes another item on your endless to-do list that you’ll get around to “someday” (which you know really means “never”).

This hands-on, full-day workshop is here to move you from overwhelmed to equipped. Together, we’ll demystify ngUpgrade in the real world. You’ll learn:

  • How to plan your upgrade (this can save you hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars)
  • Where to invest most of your time during the upgrade while avoiding common time-wasters
  • How to use the ngUpgrade library to gradually migrate your application on your schedule
  • The steps to running Angular and AngularJS side-by-side all the way to production

Lots of workshops leave you feeling more confused than when you started, and then you get back to work and can’t remember half of it. Not this one. You’ll head home with lots of sample code and a playbook to help you know exactly what your next steps are.